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Sire: M.Ch. Archie della Lupa Bianca

Dam: Drakka Areba Artay of Highland

62 cm 

Full dentition, scissor bite

HD: A   ED: B (0/1)   Spondy: Neg.   LTV: 0

DM n/n, MDR1 neg.


Shows: VP1 (KV Česká Skalice 2020), VP 1 (SV Česká Skalice 2020, VG3 (KV Jedovnice 2021), VG4 (KV Česká Skalice 2021)

Exams: TBA

Kes is a bitch from my "A" litter. She's a  high-drive girl, though not so crazy energetic as her mum. In addition, Kes is a thinker and with her, I can utilize everything I have learned about dogs (and WSS in particular) so far. She's very intelligent and learns quickly.  

Kes is friendly towards strangers and loves her family. She's a bit distrustful of strange dogs but behaves amicably towards small dogs and puppies.   

Together, we train agility, obedience and canicross and try even some dogdancing.





Sire: C.I.B. Arezzo Bohemia Star Moraveč   (IPO2)     Dam: CZCH Bambina White Chocolate (Fpr 2)


HD: OFA Good        ED: OFA Normal       LTV 1

Full dentition, scissor bite 

DM: n/n, Mdr1: n/n 


Exams: LA1 (competing in LA2), ZOP, OB-Beg, OB-1 

Drakka is my dream dog. After struggling hard for every bit of progress with my two older white shepherds, I finally have a dog who actually likes to work with me. In case of agility, I dare say that Drakka really loves it and that she flies like a true dragon in the agility course ☺  In addition to agility and FCI obedience, Drakka and I occasionally do canicross. 

Drakka is an active dog with balanced character. She’s rather aloof to strangers as she needs to get to know the person first before showing her friendly side. However, she loves her family very much and likes to show her love often. She’s a real watchdog in the garden but she’s absolutely calm and mild mannered at home. 





Sire: C.I.B. Arezzo Bohemia Star Moraveč   (IPO2)   Dam: Tina Turner Miraja (canistherapeutic dog)


HD/ED OK (only unofficial)    double M3 (not admitted to breeding)

Exams: LA1, OB-Z, OB-1, F1, MD1, DwD1, HtM1 (MoD1)

River was supposed to be a sports dog, but she turned out to be rather a typical representative of the breed  – calm, balanced female who loves all people and especially her family. She likes spending time outside in the garden, where she warns especially all the cars and cyclist passing by. But she’s totally quiet and mild mannered at home. 

However, since we are such a sporty home, I have gradually tried both agility and FCI obedience with River and eventually ended up doing dogdancing. My daughter, who is the same age as River, is currently also partly training with her, which only shows that with the right approach, a white shepherd can be a sports dog for the whole family.  




*15.4.2005       15.5.2017 

Freya was my first WSS and though our path was quite rocky and nothing like I’d imagined it, she was the reason I fell in love with this breed.  Together, we peeked into the world of dog shows, attended a few dog schools and began doing agility. 

We walked thousands of kilometers together, met dozens of both dog and human friends, visited many places all around the country.  Freya left us suddenly and unexpectedly just one month after her 12th birthday, but she will remain in our hearts forever. 



*06/2001       16.8.2015

As a small girl, I used to love animals and especially dogs and horses. While I gradually gave up on horses, the passion for having my own dog, ideally a shepherd, never left me. So when I moved out of my parents’ home, it wasn’t long before a first cross shepherd from an animal shelter found her way to my life – Tori.  

Tori was amazing since I didn’t have to deal with any issues with her – she was great with people, naturally obedient, completely housebroken and quiet at home. The only issue she had was with other dogs – and that led me to dog training.   As she grew older, there were also some health issues, but despite that Tori lived happily until 14. We will never forget her smile

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