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We are planning a litter in 2023. The dam will be our youngest progeny Afire Kestrel Lonepack. If interested, please email me.

We want to breed white shepherds with above-average sport/working potential, solid looks and strong health in our kennel.   

Our dogs are first and foremost our family members, companions and friends in our daily activities. We strive to make their lives rich and diverse, which is why we spend most of our free time with them. We breed only pedigree dogs, so all our breeding bitches undergo both mandatory and non-mandatory health tests and we verify their sports abilities through regular training concluded by participation in trials and competitions. We choose the stud males with extreme caution to balance any potential deficiencies in appearance and support the character. We also want our puppies to have special care from the first moments of their lives until they leave for new homes.   

Unfortunately, this philosophy does not support frequent mating or having many breeding bitches in one household.  

At the Lonepack Kennel, we will have occasionally puppies from sound mating, providing we are able to ensure all the above criteria.   

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